Agroeconomy "Pokrovsky" were among the leaders in terms of yield in their respective territories

In the Krasnodar region sum up the harvesting campaign 2018 year. This year Kanevskaya area ranked first in the northern area of ​​the region on wheat yield, barley and peas. Gross grain harvest in the district was 615098 tonnes, the average yield reached 67,6 ц/га.

"We are glad to note, that a significant contribution to the performance of the enterprise made Kanev agricultural holding Concern "Pokrovsky", – says the head of the group Andrew Korovayko. - At the same time indicators of productivity of our businesses exceeded averages in their areas. Так, the yield of winter wheat in AFPZ "Victory" was 74,83 ц/га, OAO software "Will" – 74,74 ц/га, OAO AFP "Niva" – 73, 91 c / ga ".

According to Andrei Korovayko, agroeconomy "Pokrovsky" were among the leaders and other territories. for example, Of SAF "Rus" has brought to the grain yield 76 ц/га, This is the best indicator of Timashevsk region. APP “Родина” in Labinsk district took first place with a yield of winter wheat 82 c / ha and winter barley 83,5 ц/га.

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Аграрный бизнес — приоритетное направление деятельности концерна «Покровский». "Pokrovsky" is included in the top ten leaders of the Russian Federation in terms of arable land, and key performance indicators. Группа агропредприятий концерна включает 25 хозяйств в 13 районах Краснодарского края. According to the analytical agency "SovEkon" concern "Basil" wins first place in the ranking of major Russian land users for efficient use of land.

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