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The meeting of the new crop of grain to the elevator Kanev

Meeting with Chinese delegation

20 May "Concern "Покровский" He hosted the visiting delegation of the Chinese National Corporation Cofco Int. as part of 15 человек. The interest of visitors was aimed at agro-industrial complex of the Southern Region

outdoor events

25 May 2019 , more than 100 employees and their families Concern Pokrovsky participated in outreach activities on the territory of the Don Military History Museum, which is located next to the museum Tanais near Taganrog.

Employee agribusinesses concern "Basil" was the second in the Kuban on milk yield

In Krasnodar, during breeder Day, which was established at the initiative of the governor of Kuban Veniamin Kondratyev and first held this year, They noted the best employees livestock industry. holiday party

We are all from the earth

"Pokrovsky" Concern - this 35 enterprises in 5 sectors. Agricultural business - a leading direction of the concern, to provide him with a leading position in the agribusiness in the south of Russia. Plot of "Pokrovsky" bank currently has

Agribusiness concern "Basil" was the best of milk yield in Yeisk area

In Yeisk district summarized the work of the livestock industry in the past year. За 2018 year District received livestock 30171 ton of milk, It quotes the head of the department of agriculture Agribusiness Management Development

В 2018 year "Pokrovsky" group sent 15 million rubles for charity

In the past year the group "Pokrovsky" supported by a number of large-scale social and charity projects, spent for this purpose a total of nearly 15 млн руб. Most of the funds, 13 million rubles., It was aimed at the reconstruction of
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The "Pokrovsky" concern includes more than 35 enterprises across the Southern Federal District (SFD).

Agroindustrial complexes are concentrated in 15 districts of Krasnodar Region: Dinskoy, Yeysky, Kanevskoy, Kurganinsky, Kushchevsky, Labinsky, Mostovsky, Novopokrovsky, Otradnensky, Pavlovsky, Primorsko-Akhtarsky, Timashyovsky, Tikhoretsky, Uspensky, Shcherbinovsky.

The Concern carries out development activities in Rostov-on-Don and Rostov Regions, in Tuapsinsky District of Krasnodar Region.

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Judicial decisions on claims for defamation, dignity and business reputation