Dao Studio Udanpay - space, where ancient Eastern traditions combined with the findings of modern psychology, so that each visitor can choose for themselves what, that restores strength, It helps to fill your life with energy, It improves the health and well-being.

The very title of the studio reflects the main direction of its work. insecurity - a family school, uniting udanskoe Wushu and Qigong and southern Taoist tradition. The primary school Udanpay mission - is the preservation and dissemination of ancient Taoist knowledge and practice, aimed at preserving and strengthening health, finding emotional stability, active longevity, implementation of internal capacity. At the core of Taoism is a deep respect for nature, its laws and forces. Person, It is a part of nature, one side, It has all its resources, and on the other - can purposefully develop the ability to recover and adjust them. Therefore, the underlying philosophy Taoism combined with the various practices of breathwork, movement and consciousness for recovery, regulation and transformation of internal energy. In our studio, we offer group and individual lessons, where you can soak gradually practice, allowing the body and mind naturally transform and heal. School Udanpay - a traditional family line, where it is preserved and respected the continuity of knowledge from teacher to student. Abbot Ninchzhengun Wen Xuan Zhen more 20 years ago, he entrusted his pupil master Xu schools have developed in Russia. Private student masters have Xu Vladimir Emelianenko now represents a tradition in southern Russia and manages Tao studio Udanpay. In conducting classes are also involved school teachers - Alexander Emelianenko, Oleg Bozhko, Lyudmila Gersamia.

The studio work is an important part of the area of ​​psychological support and maintenance. Vladimir and Alexander Emelianenko in Russia are Grof training and hold regular seminars on holotropic breathwork and individual consultations in the holotropic approach. Philosophy Holotropic approach involves the activation of a person's own healing potential, respect and trust of his inner healing wisdom. Very often people, gain experience of Holotropic Breathwork, choose for themselves regular Taoist practice as a way to nurture and strengthen the ongoing changes. The same, who is engaged in Taoist Wushu, find interesting to explore more deeply the nature of their own with the help of Holotropic Breathwork.

Collection of Chinese tea - part of the special atmosphere of the studio. Each lesson begins with tea, drinking tea held consultations and meetings. A rare and rich tea collection, where you can even find teas 1970 year, It was the result of a long search and travel Vladimir and Alexander Emelianenko in China, which gradually established a relationship of trust with the best tea families. In the studio, you can buy tea for yourself and as a gift, as well as everything you need to brew it.

The entire practice is available to new entrants, and even work on group lessons are always individually oriented and takes into account the characteristics of each.


Taoist practice: Rostov-on-Don Suvorova, 91 BC League of Nations
Monday - Thursday 19.00 - 21.00
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