Large-scale rental and construction projects are implemented in southern Russia. Land parcels for construction in Rostov-on-Don and the “Nebug” health resort complex in Tuapsinsky District of Krasnodar Region are purchased.

The Concern has become one of the owners of the meat and poultry processing plant (MPPP) “Kanevskoy”. Currently this is one of the largest meat processing plants in southern Russia whose product range includes 300 types of sausage products, 44 types of processed foods and more than 100 types of meat products.


The Agricultural Holding “Kanevskoy” is established, which is among the first to get to grips with the complete cycle workflow “from field to shop”.

The Concern land bank in 2006 owns 12.8 thousand hectares.


The “Pokrovsky” Concern becomes the sole owner of “Kanevskoy” MPPP.


The Concern purchases the “Pavlovsky” meat processing plant. Enterprise reconstruction is carried out: the manufacturing line is completely renovated.

New shops, cold stores and engineering structures are constructed. During the first year after reconstruction, more than 8,000 tons of pork and beef were produced as well as 450 tons of refrigerated processed foods. Today the cattle slaughtering lines capacity is up to 45 cattle units per hour and up to 180 pig units per hour.


A specialized business unit for producing and selling pork is established: the LLC Agricultural complex “Kanevskoy bekon”. Today pigs are reared in three industrial facilities.

The Concern purchases the “Tikhoretsky” meat processing plant. Every day the plant produces 150 tons of meat, 50 tons of sausage products, 15 tons of processed foods and 10 tons of canned meat.


Two new Agricultural Holdings are set up: “Yeysky” and “Labinsky”.

The “Kubanskaya stanica” dairy is renovated, whose production capacity as of now is 40 tons of processed raw milk per shift.

The 18-storey residential compound on Lenin street in Rostov-on-Don is commissioned.


The Concern has developed a new business stream: manufacturing sugar, beet pulp and syrup.


The 23-storey residential compound, and “League of Nations” A-class business centre which is a 17-storey building with a shopping mall and multi-storey car park, are commissioned in Rostov-on-Don’s historic centre.

The “Kanevsksakhar” sugar plant joins the Concern with a manufacturing capacity of 4,300 tons of processed sugar beet per day.


The first stage of an elite residential compound is commissioned on Kirovsky street in Rostov-on-Don.


To concentrate the charity activities of the “Pokrovsky” Concern, the “Pokrovsky” charity fund is established.

The Concern purchases the “Izumrud” sugar plant (Timashevsk, Krasnodar Region) with a manufacturing capacity of 6,000 tons of beet per day.

The second stage of an elite residential compound is commissioned on Kirovsky street in Rostov-on-Don. Kirovsky street in Rostov-on-Don.

The Concern land bank in 2015 amounted to more than 190,000 hectares, which was 15 times more than the 2006 value.


Purchase of the Kurganinsky Sugar Plant.

The area of cultivated land has increased by more than 25,000 ha.

Hazel tree orchards have been planted, and 650 ha of irrigation land has been commissioned.

Land for rental continues to be purchased. Currently more than half of the cultivated land is in the Concern’s ownership.


The Concern is ranked first among major companies in terms of efficiency.

The Concern owns 106,000 hectares of land under cultivation.

The Concern supplies 300,000 tons of agricultural produce to 15 countries.

The area of irrigated fields has been increased to 1,150 hectares.

The area of the hazelnut orchard has been increased to 110 hectares.

A logistics complex has come onstream for shipping out more than 30,000 tons of fruit and vegetables Direct supplies have begun of fresh fruit and vegetables to sales networks.

The production has begun of pre-packed roasted sunflower seeds and Styrian pumpkin seeds under the trade name ‘Solncem sogreti’ (‘Warmed by the Sun’). Produce is sold in trading networks in Moscow, Krasnodar and Stavropol regions, and Rostov and Sverdlovsk districts.

Investment in upgrading the agricultural technical base and purchasing agricultural assets amounts to more than 2.7 billion roubles.

1.5 billion roubles has been invested in the reconstruction of the sugarbeet factory.

The ‘Kanevskoy’ elevator has been purchased with a storage capacity of 125,000 tons, as well as a compound feed mill and soya processing line.

The ‘Kanevskoy’ meat and poultry processing plant has rebranded its production. The 100th ‘Kanevskoy’ outlet store has been opened.

In order to ensure stable access to the Internet of remote production facilities, our own engineering communications infrastructure has been developed.

GC VELAN has taken part in more than 25 international exhibitions which presented the latest developments of the ‘Velan’ factory in the oil and gas and other sectors.

VELAN received certificate number ISO 9001-2015 for its compliance with international management quality standards.

2 residential blocks came onstream in Rostov-on-Don at 15 and 22 storeys high respectively, with underground multi-level parking facilities and a total area of 29,000 sq. m.

In Rostov-on-Don the children’s play center ‘Childhood Academy’ has opened its doors with two swimming pools, open verandas, playgrounds and a small park. More than 170 million roubles were invested.

A mixed martial arts club EAGLES MMA ROSTOV-DON has been opened.

A Qi gong fitness center 'Udan pai’ has been opened.

Within the remit of its charitable activity, assistance has been provided for the repair of schools, hospitals and churches, and the development of sport and social infrastructure in Krasnodar region, where the Concern’s businesses operate and where its employees and shareholders live.


The total land bank increased to 240 000 га.

Trading agricultural products exceeded 1600 tonnes.

300 thousand tons. agricultural products supplied Concern 15 nations.

The total harvested area of ​​fruit-bearing orchards reached 223 га.

Area garden hazelnut increased to 171 га.

To expand the production of packaged roasted sunflower seeds and sunflower seeds                                         Styrian pumpkin under the brand name "sun-warmed".

Investment in fleet renewal / agricultural machinery, acquisition of agricultural assets                                         amounted to more than 2,32 bln.

The reconstruction of sugar mills invested over 1,2 bln.

Modernizirovan Kanevskoy elevator, storage capacity 125 tonnes, with                                         feed mills and processing lines for soy.

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GK participated in VELAN 26 international exhibitions and conferences.

In Rostov-on-Don began work "Pokrovsky" Health Center in the area over 900 кв.м.

Within the framework of charitable activities provided assistance of about 13,3 mln. for school repairs, hospitals, temples, development of sports and social infrastructure                                         regions of Krasnodar Krai, where are the activities of the Group and Company                                         live our employees and shareholders.