Meat processing

Meat processed
57,000 pigs bred
More than 260
brands of prepared
The effective use of manufacturing, human and financial resources, andfactories equipped with cutting-edge equipment, allow quality to be improved on an annual basis, and to increase the amount of meat processing products being released on the market.

LLC Poultry farm ‘Kanevskoy’

The Kanevskoy poultry farm is part of Concern Pokrovsky, which is one of the leaders in agricultural produce in the South of Russia, and which works according to the maxim ‘from the field to the shop’. All raw materials cultivated in the environmentally friendly lands of the Kuban, before they are allowed into production facilities, are subject to a painstaking step-by-step quality control.

The enterprise’s production facilities allow all types of sausage products to be marketed, including those technologically challenging such as raw-smoked, cooked smoked and gourmet foods. The meat processing facility also markets a wide range of ready-to-cook foods and raw meat.

Marketing of meat
processing products

353720 Krasnodar territory, Kanevskoi region,
village of Staroderevyankovskaya, Komsomolskaya str., 31.


OJSC ‘Pavlovsky meat processing plant’

State-of-the-art Italian equipment allows the humane slaughter of cattle and the manufacture of frozen ready-to-cook foods, fat-yielding and meat and bone meal.