Agribusiness concern "Basil" was the best of milk yield in Yeisk area

In Yeisk district summarized the work of the livestock industry in the past year. За 2018 year District received livestock 30171 ton of milk, It quotes the head of the department of AIC management of agriculture development district administration Natalya Dzybov newspaper "Azov steppes". It is a leading indicator 2017 year, when livestock enterprises received 30300 tons of milk.

The highest yields achieved in the joint-stock company "Rodina" agricultural holding "Kanivska" concern "Basil". Here, each cow milked by 8760 килограммов молока. "The growth rates of agricultural holding" Homeland "was the result of a whole set of measures for improvement of dairy cattle. Our group pays great attention to this area ", -I commented on the results of the enterprise chairman of the board of directors of concern "Basil" Andrew Korovayko.

The second highest milk yield was agricultural company "Kuharivskaya", where each cow received 8274 kilogram. Total currently in agro-industrial enterprises of the region, there are 3756 dairy cows. В 2018 year came to light in the area of ​​farms 4873 calf, a year earlier it was 4891. The average area of ​​each 100 cows received 70 calves, which is higher than the regional figure.

Plant Pests and the situation in the livestock industry was stable last year. The area is not permitted the emergence of dangerous and quarantine diseases, animal health veterinary inspection conducted hard.

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