Meat Processing Plant "Kanivska" concern "Basil" expanded the range suitable for the preparation of semi-finished products

The range of products in the marinade for grilling by "Kanivska" brand, new position: duck, Bird tsыplёnka, chicken Tabaka, knuckle "Traditional". New items are packed in a special heat-resistant bag and ready for baking in the oven.

In addition to a series of baking an assortment of refrigerated semi-finished products in consumer packaging slaughterhouse "Kanivska" presented kupaty sausages for frying, pork and beef cuts and offal, portioned meat in packing the skin effect.

"Modern consumers tend to eat high-quality and diverse, wherein the holding as little time in the kitchen, – said the head of the concern "Basil" Andrew Korovayko. - Following these consumer demands, We constantly care of expansion line of semi-finished products, which require a minimum amount of time for preparation. Also, the absolute priority is the use of high quality raw materials for us, natural composition of the products and excellent taste qualities of our products ".

Meat Processing Plant "Kanivska" is part of the Group's Intercession, which is one of the leaders of the Russian agrarian south. With a modern slaughtering production, Meat Processing Plant "Kanivska" not only provides its own needs, but also is a key regional player on the supply of meat. Raw materials used in meat processing (cattle and svinopogolovja) It is grown on their own farms, that allows 100% veterinary and sanitary control at all stages of production.

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