We are all from the earth

"Pokrovsky" Concern – this 35 enterprises in 5 sectors. Agricultural business - a leading direction of the concern, to provide him with a leading position in the agribusiness in the south of Russia. "Pokrovsky" land bank currently has more than 210000 hectares of land, annual fee reaches 1 600 000 tons of agricultural products. Group products are supplied in 15 countries of the world. Concern was ranked first among Russian agricultural holdings for cultivation efficiency (According SovEkon Analytical Center for 2017 city).

One of the key principles of the agricultural enterprises of the concern - respect for the land and natural resources. For, to provide good results, It uses the latest advances in science, process automation, modern technology. Innovative approaches to agricultural enterprises of the concern "Basil" is combined with the traditional principles of land cultivation, Allows you to save fertility of the soil and natural reproduction of natural resources.

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