"Pokrovsky" renew fleet of vehicles for 1 млрд рублей

In the agricultural enterprises of the concern "Pokrovsky" continues to receive new equipment, which was purchased as part of an ambitious program of technical renovation of the park Group. The program of technical re-equipment of the enterprises is conducted in stages: So, a few days ago of "Homeland" agricultural holding "Kanivska" concern "Basil" in the village Kopanskii received new harvesters «Claas Tukano 580" and tracked vehicles. A little earlier household appliances were purchased «Claas Leksikon 770". This has allowed to completely renovate the park Combine agribusinesses.

"The new equipment will replace old harvesters, which is almost two times lower than the performance, than the harvester «Claas», – said the head of the concern "Pokrovsky" Andrew Korovayko. - Besides, they allow for cleaning in a shorter time, as well as more economical in fuel consumption. Так, Harvesters «Claas Leksikon 770" have shown good results in the harvest of the outgoing year. Combine the updating of the park we spend on other enterprises of concern "Basil". In total, this purpose was sent 1 billion rubles ".

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