The health center uses unique simulators, energodotatsionny and rehabilitation techniques, based on kinesiology and mechanotherapy.

Classes are held with a personal trainer for an individual program, developed by a doctor -reabilitologom. It is also possible to independently engage in automated simulators with virtual coach.

The method proved to be excellent in sports rehabilitation, in the treatment of disorders of posture and pain in the joints.

The main activities of the Center:

  • 3D / 4D spine DIERS analysis system
  • rehabilitation after trauma
  • posture correction and deformation regardless of localization
  • sports rehabilitation
  • children's rehabilitation
  • osteopathy
  • massage

In our center you can be diagnosed musculoskeletal- motor vehicle in motion, using the latest technology of European medicine, svetoopticheskom the topography Diers.


The center is located in Rostov-on-Don, Suvorova str., 91 BC League of Nations 3 et.
Тел. +7(863)250-60-36